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Today I have something special for you.

It’s practical and pretty – it’s a measurement chart printable!

Workout Motivation you can Print!

When you start using any workout, one of the most important ways to see if it is working for you is to track your results.

It's very easy to get discouraged. It's very easy to want to quit when you're working out every day and eating right, and the scale isn't budging.

Problem is, your scale can lie.

You may actually be making decent progress with what you're doing, but if you rely on your scale, you'll never know it.

And you might quit.

It's happened to so many of us before. But it doesn't need to keep happening.

What do you need? You need a NON SCALE VICTORY!
You need encouragement to keep going!

If your fitness plan is working, it should show first in your measurements. 

If you're using a fitness plan that is actually helping you, tracking and writing down your measurements will help increase your motivation and will-power, motivating you to continue with your workouts.

Take your first set of measurements on the day of your first workout, ideally before you work out. But just do it after, if you forget. Then, each week, re-measure to see how you are doing.

If you are faithfully doing workouts that are NOT giving you results, you need to know that, too. And then make the switch to T-Tapp!

This is a simple but powerful tool, one you will not want to skip when using T-Tapp workouts. Or any workout, really!

If your workouts are working, you should know it. As soon as possible. 

This chart will help you know when you are making real progress, even when you may not see the needle move on your scale!

If there’s one thing that will help you stay motivated with your health regimen, it’s to see your progress each week!

When I first started doing T-Tapp workouts, I was very skeptical about taking measurements. I was mostly using the workouts to recover from severe lower back pain without having to take medication. But since Teresa Tapp recommended taking measurements, I did.

And wow, I was blown away once I started to see the changes in my measurements.

Taking weekly measurements is what kept me going when I first started doing T-Tapp workouts and lost 41 inches in about 10 months.

Why not make measurement taking more fun, by having a cute form to fill out?!
Get your copy now!

  • A colorful single page printable body measurement chart you can print and use each month.

  • Size
    134 KB
  • Length
    1 page
  • A colorful single page printable body measurement chart you can print and use each month.
  • Size134 KB
  • Length1 page


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Printable Body Measurement Chart

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